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HCA Training (5 HOURS)

HCA Training is a 5 hour Program and we had been training many caregivers since January 01, 2016.  Our training fees is $100.00 per person.  There are also Online Training at a lesser cost but caregivers prefers the interactions so they can ask questions and learn better instead of doing it by themselves.  Even though we have advanced and living in the technology era, there are still many caregivers who find it difficult to do online training and we want to accommodate their needs.    If you wish to enroll send us an email, or call directly for our training schedules and venues.  On the left side is the payment button.


The cost of our 3 Day Training is $300.00 You have the option to pay through Paypal if you have a paypal account, or with your visa/master card.  It is non-refundable, however, you can take the class at a later time when we conduct another training.  This also applies if you started and did not  complete the training.  A $50.00 discount will apply to your $300.00 payment if you first completed the 5 Hour HCA Training Certification. We will reimburse you on the first day but you have to pay the entire amount when registering.


Become a Professional Caregiver by having a portfolio designed by someone who had been in the Industry too long and market yourself higher. We will help you with the following:

Professional Liability Insurance

Your own Bond

100 Business Cards

50 Postcards

Training Certifications and many more...