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        Transforming Caregiver's Lives One Day At  A Time...

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Our History: Who We Are

"We trained them, we support, we nurtured, we advocate on their behalf, we provide ongoing education,  we empower and inspire  our caregivers...."Simply we Build Caregivers Lives"

California Eldercare  Academy located in Sacramento, Capital City  provides Caregiver Training to individuals who want to learn the basic skills pertaining to every aspects of caring for an elderly person. Whether you are caring for a loved one, or  have a desire and passion to work with our senior population, we have what it takes to build caregivers  through our training and various programs.
We do not provide CNAs and Home Health Aide Training Certifications.  Our Training can be a good prerequisite for both CNA/ HHA.   Certified Nurse Assistant is a State certification and to have a Home Health Aide certification, one have to be a CNA first. 
   We compiled our curriculum based on our formal educational background in Gerontology with our personal experiences working as a caregiver for many years, and looking at the needs of a formal training that could benefit many who have had experience, but lacking a formal training.

  There are many online training offered in different States across the country, but we love the  interactions and a teaching face to face. We love to hear from different caregivers and their own personal journey, experiences, and why they choose to work with seniors.  We believe in building caregiver's lives everyday with different programs we created.  

Our Signature Program and brand new is our Personal Development Coaching for all Caregivers.

.  Ever since our inception in 2004, we have changed our curriculum by introducing more topics to our training program.  We have been training caregivers for over fourteen years now. We made it mandatory for anyone working for us to go through our three day training program.  We later extend our training to the all caregivers who were interested in getting a formal training, especially those who had been working with many years experience but have not had any basic training.  We selected our training topics based on our personal experiences working for many years first hand, plus our background in Gerontology, the study of Aging.

Between 2004 and this year, 2018, we have created and developed more to our training curriculum.  And we have trained hundreds of caregivers in Northern California across every County line from Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, Contra Costa, Sonoma, and Marin. 

 Upon evaluating our curriculum, as well as the needs of adding more topics that would help enhance every caregiver's knowledge and skills, we add on more to make it a 3 full DAYS TRAINING CERTIFICATION.  And this certification is called Professional Homecare Certification.