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        Transforming Caregiver's Lives One Day At  A Time...

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Building & Adding Values to Caregiver's Lives is Our Heart and Passion....


Our Signature Program

$198.00/8 Hours
$150 for a group of 4 or more people.
We also offer individual coaching for 
4 sessions
Nothing brings highest fulfillment, joy, and happiness when  we build the lives of "All Caregivers" who will in turn to go out to touch and make a difference in the lives of our senior population.
 We have been training caregivers ever since 2004 through our Education and Training Programs.  We are proud to present our newest Personal Development and Empowerment Coaching since 2015. 

" A Journey To Transformation" was designed to help every caregivers discover their purpose, calling, and mission through personal, professional, and spiritual development.  To help everyone reach their highest potential on a journey that reflects the desire to change and grow from one level to another. 

With our personal experiences as caregivers for many years and furthering our interests, heart, and passion to get a formal education in the study of Gerontology, that alone wasn't enough.  Every caregivers have a missing link in their career and life in general.  We created the missing piece of the puzzle that is the "only" way a caregiver can grow to reach their highest potentials from one level to another.  Many home health and non-medical agencies are always looking to hire caregivers with the hope to retain their employees longer. However, if a caregiver's lives are not built upon a strong foundation of personal development and empowerment training, they are just caregivers with experience,knowledge, and do not have the wisdom to carry on. 

We provide Personal Development and Empowerment Training for all caregivers.

If you have been a caregiver and working, or having an interest to work with seniors, this is the best part of being a caregiver to start working on yourself first before you go provide services to our elderly in our own communities.

Whether you are working as a Certified Nurse Assistant, Home Health Aide, Licensed Vocational Nurse, State Licensed Facility employees, Home Health Agency employees, Non-Medical Home Care employees, or Private Duty in-home caregivers, we all need personal development. 
Check out our one day Personal Development and Empowerment Training where we teach, and lead you to discover the following:

  1.   Your Purpose
  2.   Your Calling
  3.  Mindset Change
  4.  Caregiver Traits
  5. Character Building
  6. Setting A Higher Standards
  7. Ethics & Professionalism

We offer both group training and one on one coaching as well.