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Caregiver Graduate Testimonials

I have participated in senior care educational service training offered by Resja and after completing my certification training, I now have the confidence and the skills required for success in this field.

V.Nambiar--Sacramento, CA


I started caregiving at age 18.  I loved taking care of the elderly and my first experience was relieving my Mom every weekend for a long time.  We were taking care of a lady in her eighties.  I switched to work for an Agency and they wanted me to go through this training with some other people.  I attended a two day training program and got a certificate for a proof of completion.  It was an eye opening for me, and i learned about elderly abuse and the aging processes and the entire program was informative, simple, and she applied her past experiences of being a caregiver for many years to impart this valuable knowledge to all of us caregivers.  I would recommend this training to all young people looking to work in the field of aging. 

- Young Caregiver Graduate: Sacramento CA


I got a group of caregivers to attend this training.  There were things we did not know and we have been a caregiver for a long time.   We learned so much from this training, first class from the trainer who have been in this field for many years.  We talked about how important it is for every caregivers to attend a formal training and be educated on the very basics of caregiving.  I vouch for this and it's a must for every  caregiver. Check out their training program and enroll to see for yourself.

- M. Petersen, Santa Rosa, CA